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Thankful to Ekta who did a super job of extracting my gnawed with cavity wisdom tooth yesterday which was fused with the bone. I am a terrible patient but she has a steady hand and expertise!

I have attended my mother-in-laws’s 60th because of Dr. Ekta Chadha. From 4 am calls to a difficult surgery I have been through all. The smile on my face post-surgery is all because of her.

Sunday morning on a bike accident , I broke my front teeth and have been restored by Dr Ekta Chadha. Thanks to her I celebrated my birthday at Jai Bharat

I have gone through Innumerable dental procedures all my life. Finally, Dr Ekta Chadha understood my problem and I have a smile now with 12 implants.

An exceptional professional job on my teeth very patiently ansured a beautiful new set of teeth. Ekta's staff is very effecient and helpful.

My experience in the clinic was very nice. First of all I was very nervous and then Dr. Ekta made me so comfortable and her team of doctors was very nice to me and my treatment went on smoothly and I got back my smile and the confidence of laughing freely.