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A Smile is premium commodity in present times. A matter of a Smile can make or break a deal, a relationship, a friendship and even a job opportunity. With the society around evolving to be more and more competitive, a seemingly simple thing like a Smile has fast become a decisive factor in a decision or an impression. The growing middle class with a better pocket, the already existing upper class and the tourism and health related foreign visitors to India are now opting to design their Smile as per their wish and fancy here. The ideas has successfully clicked with many celebrities in the past and have hence been opted by people like someone to face an interview or a bride getting ready for her big day. Study also prove that the nature of your smile decide a lot of your factor including your attitude to everything that you come across. A person's smile is undoubtedly a mirror of his character and conduct. Experts in this field, like Dr Ekta Chadha , can read a person's smile to narrate his or her characteristics and also suggest ways to improve it. Welcome to the world of Smile designing.

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Smile analysis and designing • Teeth in an hour • Minimal invasive dentistry 
Laminates, veneers, lumineers and thineers • Full mouth rehabs Orthodontic treatment(braces) • Dental implants 
Cosmetic dental implant • Immediate placement implant • Mini implant • Day implant • Nobel guide
Multiple implants • Laser teeth whitening • Dental extreme makeover ...
Single sitting painless root canals • Smile comes to your face the minute ...


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