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Restoring Your Teeth




This is the silver filling. They are made out of a number of metals including mercury. It is wedged into your tooth and held in place by ‘mechanical’ grip. It has gained some controversy over the last few years on the subject of causing mercury poisoning. The mixture of heavy metals also corrodes over time and can stain healthy tooth structure a grey to black colour. This creates a smile that shows dark grey teeth especially on the sides. We pride ourselves on the safe removal of amalgam fillings and discussing all options for their replacement. Tooth specific and appropriate materials will always be recommended and a full written treatment plan, including costs, presented to any patient requiring treatment.




This is your white filling. They are made out of a collection of resins and plastics that are bonded (glued) into your tooth. Because of this bonding the cavities that are prepared for them are a lot smaller than their counter parts for amalgam fillings and therefore considered better for the tooth. Composite fillings are tooth coloured so they blend in nicely with the surrounding tooth structure. They are technique sensitive and if not placed with the upmost care can cause further damage to your teeth. You need a skilled clinician to put them in your teeth properly. You will find these at the dentists.


Glass Ionomer Fillings


These fillings have glass particles and fluoride in them. This filling material is known as ‘biomimetic fillings’. This means that they ‘work’ for your tooth to prevent further disease and cavities. This is achieved by releasing tiny amounts of fluoride, which we know prevents tooth decay. They bond to your tooth so the cavities needed to support them in your tooth are minimal. They do tend to wear faster than the other types of fillings.


Mixed Glass Ionomer/Composite Fillings


This is a mix of 2 and 3. This technique gives you the best proprieties of both type of fillings, without the compromise of having each singly.


Porcelain (CEREC) Fillings


These are called either inlays or onlays. These are best available in dentistry. They not only are tooth coloured but unlike any other type of filling, they actually strengthen your tooth to help prevent the tooth from breaking in the future. They are designed using Cerec Cad/cam technology and bonded into your tooth. Together with the tooth they are as strong if not stronger than a normal crown.

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