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Chandigarh’s experts in crowns


Crowns provide you with strong worry-free teeth by protecting what is left of them and enhancing their strength and appearance.


Why do we need to Crown Teeth


Over the years, your teeth may be damaged by dental decay and by the process of filling your teeth. This can weaken the teeth and lead to stress fractures. There comes a time when the traditional treatments are not strong enough to withstand the forces we apply during chewing. Crowns will provide this strength. Crowns can also protect root filled teeth from a potentially disastrous fracture.




Types of crowns


There are two types of crowns. This article describes a laboratory crown. To have these done, the dentist will require approximately a 1.5 hour appointment. Firstly, your dentist will work with you to select the best tooth colour for you from a special shade chart. Then after giving you adequate local anesthetic so you don’t feel any pain and are comfortable, any old fillings are removed, a core material is placed, the tooth shaped appropriately, impressions taken and a temporary crown placed. The impression material used for crowns sticks to dry skin and is very hard to remove. For this reason, we generally apply Vaseline to lubricate the skin and facilitate the easy removal of this material. The impression is sent to an outside dental lab so the crowns can be professionally fabricated. At the next appointment 2 to 3 weeks later, the crowns come back from the dental laboratory and are bonded into place. The next day your crowns are ready for full chewing. Crowns generally last around 10 years.


The second type of a crown is a Cerec crown. The advantage of a Cerec crown over the lab crown is that they are completed in one appointment, with no need for temporary crowns or the impression materials. Both types of crowns restore the natural look for a tooth giving you nice white healthy looking teeth.

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